GN Review – Prince Adventures: Genesis


I figured I’d do something different and write a review for a manga-style graphic novel. This one, “Prince Adventures: Genesis” is the prequel to the upcoming animated series “Prince Adventures”. There are multiple reasons I’m interested in Prince Adventures. For starters… Vic Mignogna (English voice of Edward Elric in both Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood as well as Broly in the Dragon Ball movies) is playing one of the leads, Prince Nai Tehuti. Another is the company behind Prince Adventures, Fantasy Soft Entertainment. When the Vic drama started, they openly said that they would continue to work with Vic because of “Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”. Secondly, they interact a lot with the fans on Twitter. Thirdly, they said that they’re interested in dubbing in the future. I’m trying to get them to consider Manhua Anime (the Chinese equivalent) because there’s a lot of good ones out there and it’s pretty much an untapped market. Not to mention that I REALLY would love a dub of The King’s Avatar. I loved the Manhua Anime to it and I do love the novel. But enough of that, let’s get to the review.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!


The first chapter is titled “Genesis” and pretty much follows the Christian Bible. You know, the whole seven days shtick. However, there is a divergence from the Bible as well. Mainly a beast-human hybrid race called Humals. Humals were created by god to help man talk to animals. The next divergence is the taboo. In the Holy Bible, man was to only eat meat. But in this case, the rule was not to interbreed. However, Satan (for some strange reason they don’t use Lucifer) tempted the Humals into it. I’m trying not to get into too many details as you should buy the book.

There was one race of Humals that tried to stay out of the forbidden intercourse, the Goshen Cheetahs. Though… they were forced to partake in it. When god kicked everyone out of the garden into the world of Orion (the next divergence I’ll get into later), god made the Goshen Cheetahs the chosen people for actually trying to obey the rule against interbreeding.


The next chapter is called “The 7 Kingoms”. It explains the world of Orion via all seven kingdoms in the world. I know, the page shown is a spoiler. But you were all warned in the beginning that there would be spoilers. So let’s continue, shall we?

The seven kingdoms are as follows: Great Goshen (named after god’s chosen), Masika (the underwater kingdom), Zephyros (the sky kingdom), Koniga (the forest kingdom based on the Garden of Eden), Ribe Rubrum (the Asian-based kingdom and the one I’m interested in), Aneira (the arctic kingdom), and finally Celosia (the human-ruled kingdom that’s prejudice towards Humals). All seven kingdoms are unique. Some have all the races while others are for one specific race.

In truth, I’m looking forward to these being visited in the show. I want to learn all about the seven kingdoms, especially Ribe Rubrem. Is it based on Ancient China? Feudal Japan? Both even? Not to mentioned Zephyros, I’m interested in a sky kingdom that’s supposed to be held in the air on it’s people’s faith. In truth, I think there’s more to it than that. And of course Celosia, I’m curious on how badly the Humals are treated by Humans.


The third in final chapter in the first book, “Beginning of the End”. It’s basically the epilogue to the book. It shows the villains before giving profiles of the protagonists. And then a final bit. In truth, I don’t really have much to say on the third chapter. It’s short, that’s all I can really say.

Now… for the verdict. I honestly had to give it four out of five stars. I wanted to give it five… but it’s only three chapters and it’s just a prologue for the upcoming animated series. It has great lore and does not really plagiarize from the Holy Bible too much in the beginning. I’d say it’s more or less based on it. Then again, if it’s plagiarism then Bethesda should be on my butt for the lore in some of my novels.

Still, the Seven Kingdoms have a lot of unexplored lore that should be interesting. This was only a prologue after all. So I can’t be harsh on it. So while I gave it four out of five on Comixology, in truth I give it four and a half out of five. And I think it was worth the 99 cents I spent for the digital version. Heck, I might even buy the $2.99 paperback in the future. It does give even more hype for the animated series, though not as much as the voice clips that Fantasy Soft recently given with the voices of Vic Mignogna and Todd Haberkorn. When the series comes out, I’m watching. Not just because of Vic, but I do love a good story.

Now time for some credits. Prince Adventures belongs to Fantasy Soft Entertainment, website is here. And Prince Adventures website is here. Both have official Twitter accounts, Fantasy Soft entertainment here and Prince Adventures here if you wanna follow them on twitter. I was given permission by Fantasy Soft Entertainment to do this review and post these pages from the graphic novel. If you want to buy the graphic novel, click here to do so. Or you could just find the link on the Prince Adventures official site.

This is Mario Kaiba, the head of RG07 Gaming & Novels signing off.


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