Review – The Prince Adventures: Deliverance

Review – The Prince Adventures: Deliverance

Why am I reviewing a light novel to a series that I already reviewed a prequel manga-styled comic to? Other than the fact that the nice people at Fantasy Soft asked me to (and sent me a PDF file for it), I wanted to do it. I was going to have it out yesterday, but I ended up being busier than I thought I would. Not to mention my boss at the haunt invited me to attend a gathering for a men’s ministry. Turns out there were some people he wanted to get involved with the haunt because two people backed out and trespassed to take back their stuff instead of asking the boss to come and get it. Trust me, the bossman would’ve let them come in and get it if they asked. Instead they did that and took some of the boss’s fog machines too. So yeah… we’re both hoping the insurance policy he pulls out helps. But enough about my seasonal boss and the haunt, it’s time to get to a review.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

By the way, this is the only image I got as the version I was sent had no images. Then again, PDF file.

The novel starts with Zuqar Oppa Oppa, a child who’s running away from slavers that had taken over his island village. The poor boy gets caught. It’s not much, but it’s the prologue.

The first chapter then shows up. It begins with Prince Nai of the Great Goshen Cheetah race and his younger brother Prince Zaphnath having a brotherly brawl. Their friends Kazi and Jacobi watching and cheering them on. Not getting into what it’s about, buy the book.

Later on when play wrestling with Jacobi in their boxers, a bubble appears in front of Zaphnath… I’m just going to call him “Zaph” for short. It’s not canon to call him that, but it’s much easier than typing out his full name. Anyway, the bubble turns out to be God who tasks Zaph with freeing the residents of Oppa Oppa from the slaver Arsimian. Despite Zaph being nine years of age, he agrees to God’s task and sneaks out of the palace with Jacobi and Zahra in tow. Zahra was forced by Zaph and Jacobi to accompany them because he was standing outside of Zaph’s room.

That’s just basically the synopsis of the novel. The three kids who are not really preteens go out and save an island from a slaver who is Satan’s believer. Zuqar joins them after dying from his wounds and being revived by Zaph by God’s command. In a sense, it’s somewhat of a retelling of Moses rescuing the Hebrews from the Pharoh. And don’t get me started on Prince Nai not caring about his missing younger brother. Trust me, I wanted to facepalm. I’d suggest reading the novel for yourselves. Yes, there is a love interest for a little bit for Zaph, but Iwalani ends up leaving with some of Satan’s acolytes behind the scenes as she gives the killing blow to Arsimian via bow from a distance in revenge for what he does to her parents.

I don’t want to give too much of the story away. As someone who supports Fantasy Soft, I’m asking you to buy the novels and comics for yourselves. But that aside, It’s time for the cons and pros. I would normally do pros and cons, but not in this case.

The cons:

  • Only 63 pages. Then again, it could be the PDF I was sent. I looked at the site selling it and there’s actually 72 pages. It could’ve been the lack of pictures in the file I received for all I know. So yeah… we might have to scratch this off of the cons.
  • The lack of character descriptions. I think more pages could’ve been filled if they did descriptions of each of the characters. When you introduce a character in a novel, it’s better to explain their features, their clothing, specific smells if a character has one. As a novelist myself, the lack of that irks me. Not all characters will have a picture to accompany them in a light novel.
  • How over powered the kids can get. Look, I’m No stranger to OP characters. I will admit they tried to balance Zaph in the first fight against one of Arsimian’s giants that he killed in one hit by making him pass out. Zaph’s a kid. But all of the kids seem to have impressive fighting skills as well.
  • Half of the writing in general. I can’t call the writer a professional. The novel’s not bad, but it’s no masterpiece either. This partially has to do with the lack of characters when introduced that I mentioned earlier. But the writer could’ve also worked on information as well. I read a lot, from regular novels to translations of both web novels and light novels. And in the beginning of each volume shows the information again when characters and locations come up.

The pros:

  • Usage of clichés. I will give credit to the writer on that one, they didn’t use every single cliché in the book… for this book. Only a few used for it.
  • Character development. It suited the development of character pace needed for the age of the children. Kids grow up fast and don’t think as hard as teenagers do. So accepting God’s task as well as other things so fast isn’t that hard to believe.
  • Not having everything being “All’s well the ends well”. Some villagers died. I’m not saying that them dying is a good thing, but it didn’t end with everyone being okay at the end. I grew up watching reruns of shows like He-Man and She-Ra, both which are under the “Masters of the Universe” line. I do remember an episode of He-Man where Prince Adam thought that a person died and decided to be He-Man no more as he failed to save them. Originally the writers were going to have someone actually die, but you know how cartoons were in the 80’s. I personally think the episode would’ve had more impact if someone did die, as Adam would’ve realized that he couldn’t save everyone but it shouldn’t stop him from trying to save all that he can. If no one died in this book, then the emotional factor of the book would’ve been missing.
  • The balance with the Christianity factor. Well… more like not plagiarizing the Bible. I get it, it’s a “Christianity-inspired” series. And believe it or not, I am a Christian. But it wasn’t “In Your Face” about it. Like Veggie Tales (before they ruined the series), this novel tells it without saying “You’re going to hell if you don’t do everything god says”. But that’s all Prince Adventures and Veggie tales has in common. Reading this you can tell that it’s not for all ages. It even explains Prince Nai impregnating a servant girl.
  • Not afraid to be what it is. I will admit, I felt uncomfortable with the fact that Zaph and Jacobi playing video games in their birthday suits (it says it like that, trust me). Or the detailed explanation of Prince Nai’s semen unloading into a servant girl’s womb. I gotta say, the writer isn’t afraid of putting in what they want to. My respect earned.

The Verdict:

I the pros actually outnumber the cons. I will admit that the writer needs to polish up on their writing. However, it says nothing about the overall series. Overall I can give this a low Four out of Five. Trust me, I wanted to give it a full Five out of Five when asked to review it. But I have to be fair as well when I write these things. Not just to Fantasy Soft, but to anyone reading this as well as myself. The light novel itself isn’t bad to read. It’s better than most of the MTLs (Machine Translations) of Japanese Web Novels out there. I personally think that the future novels will be better as the writer keeps writing. The series itself has potential. And this novel says nothing about the upcoming animation either. So yeah, I had to take that into effect when writing this review.

To anyone who is judging the novel on what I have to say, I can only tell you to buy it for yourself. Click here to buy it, they sell both a $11.97 print-on-demand and a 99 cent digital. I may buy the print in the future to show support to Fantasy Soft and for bragging rights. And don’t complain about the print price, translations of Japanese Light Novels go for around $17 or so. As I said, the series itself has potential. If you want to see the cons and pros for yourself, please buy it? I’m not shilling, I’m just saying that you should read it for yourselves.

This has been Mario Kaiba, head of RG07 Gaming and Novels signing off.

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