Streamed last night and future plans…

Well… I’ve been busy as of late. But not in the way I’d like to be. In truth, I’ve been preparing to start doing GTA Online streams when not watching YouTube or trying to catch up on the many mangas/anime/novels I have on my back burner. And I have a project that I’d like to finish soon with some awesome YouTubers I’ve become friends with. One of them crashed yesterday’s stream. That was BPM Broly, the guy who got me to even try Dauntless before streaming it. He had a challenge and because it’s cross-platform I accepted it. Hey, my PC is a POS. I’m still a long ways away from accepting his challenge though.

Anyway, I do plan on trying to get back into the streaming game soon enough. I do need to eventually finish my Fallout 4 and Destiny 2 streams. But I also want to get back into writing. The thing I hate is that I haven’t been into the mood. Yeah, I did those reviews for The Prince Adventures for Fantasy Soft. But I need to get back to my web novels. It hurts me that I have so many ideas for all of them and can’t “get them down on paper”. And mood isn’t helping either. I’m starting to wonder if I should even call myself a “novelist” anymore? Ugh… I NEED to get back to them. If only I could use Shadow Clone Jutsu to get everything I need done… well, done. But I’m no fictional ninja, I’m a real person. So I need to get myself out of this funk.

If anyone’s noticed, I changed my avatar on here finally. I meant to do it a long time ago, but I never got to it. Yes, it’s the green-haired Kaiba that I use for my Twitter Avatar and my YouTube channel. I’m almost no longer OhMarioWV. I’ve almost evolved, but I’m not quite there yet. As for the streams… I’m making a slight change in plans. I planned to delete the current Oracle on my main PSN and making a new one to do GTA Streams. But when I was on my Japanese PSN because I started a character on that one too, I realized something. That character was already Asian with green hair. I just needed to throw her in a white suit and give her sunglasses… and she’s a genderbend of my Twitter Avatar. I did try to change my main character on my main PSN to match… but I didn’t like the results.

So the changes are as follows:

  • For non-story driven narrative streams, I’ll be using a character based on my Twitter Avatar (only going to genderbend if I am not satisfied with male character features). For everything with a story, it will be either Lost Justice or the Oracle. I’m too attached to those two characters.
  • I will slowly be shifting the streams to my Japanese PSN. I’d rather use that one for streaming while I use my main to just enjoy the games I like to play. This way I can stream games in the future without the risk of comprising them when I play off stream. I even changed the PSN name to MarioKaibaYT on the Japanese PSN.
  • I will not fully abandon Twitch or using my main PSN for streaming. I decided that my main PSN will be used for Twitch and the videos to be later uploaded on YouTube. Though I’m mainly going to stream on YouTube, Twitch can be used for Chill Streams and such. This way I’m not messing with the stuff on my Japanese PSN too much.
  • The only exceptions to the above will be stuff like Fallout 76 (when I FINALLY get to it) where not all DLC is shared or games that I already have Lost Justice or The Oracle as the character used. I hate micro transactions for a reason. So anything I spent any micro transactions on will not be streamed from MarioKaibaYT. I don’t want to have to spend extra money on Japanese PSN money cards. Other than that, Destiny 2 as I don’t feel like starting over. Or if I stream story modes of games I never plan on playing on my main.
  • Though not a change, I made it so you can tell which PSN I’m on by the background of the text on the bottom of the screen. For my main, it’s orange. For MarioKaibaYT, it’s purple.

As I said before, only a slight change in plans. There’s just too many games that only have one save file. When I stream a game, I want everyone watching to get the first time experience if possible. But at the same time I don’t want to hold off on playing a game because I’m scared of compromising the story mode. Besides, the only reason I had a Japanese PSN was because I wanted to download a few free Japanese Exclusive titles back on the PS3. Not really happy as most of them are region locked. The only one that wasn’t was Phantasy Star Online 2 on the PS4. However, I never figured out which was the English Speaking server. Besides, that’s FINALLY coming to the west. So I figured that I’d make a use for it other than the Pawn strike force I was making in Dragon’s Dogma on the PS3. I do have one more American PSN, but I’m never really on it. I mainly use it for testing out things anyway. That was the first one I created for the sake of my Pawn strike force. As for why I didn’t just change my primary PSN… I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I had that one since I first joined PSN back in 2008. It’s also the one I have the most Trophies on. Not to mention… there are a LOT of services that have had issues since Sony finally made it so you can change your PSN. In a lot of cases, there are some people who had to disconnect those services and reconnect them. As I had the Japanese PSN for only a few years and didn’t use it for much, doing that didn’t hurt at all.

So yeah, the update is stream plan changes and plans on getting back into writing. That’s all for now. Mario Kaiba, out…


2 thoughts on “Streamed last night and future plans…

  1. 👍

    And hey, at least you post stuff, still. I haven’t posted so much as a status update since, what, April? And while I’ve been working on a story, it ain’t Anubai, and it ain’t ALW, and progress has been slow. I’m disappointed in myself. 😑

    Setting that aside, I look forward to your future endeavors. Take care. 😉


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