Why I thought the “Blue Bell Licker” deserved a 20 year sentence…

I thought that the girl who opened a tub of Blue Bell ice cream, licked the contents, and put the container back in the freezer of a Texas Walmart deserved a 20 year sentence. However, I recently discovered that she’s a minor. I no longer think that she deserves a sentence that long. But this is why I think she deserved it before.

First off, she started a trend. I’ve seen a woman in a video walk into a store, open a thing of Listerine, swish her teeth, and spit it back in the bottle before putting it back on the shelf. What if someone who has a cold or a disease does that and some poor sucker buys the product and catches something? Knowingly or not, it’s biological terrorism! You could kill someone knowingly or not! Even if you think you’re perfectly healthy, you could have something and not know it. So please, think of who could be affected?

Secondly, do you know how much money recalls cost a company? Blue Bell had to recall all their ice cream at that Walmart location. As much as I hope that companies can get their products back before some idiot’s antics cause something, it isn’t cheap. If this keeps happening, some companies will have to do layoffs, which means people will be out of work. Not to mention if someone catches something, the victim will blame the company. Which results in law suites. Law suites cost money. Companies could go bankrupt. People could lose jobs. So again, please think of who could be affected?

Lastly… it’s just plain rude! You shouldn’t just lick food that doesn’t belong to you. Or even gargle Listerine and spit it back into the bottle. Have some common decency people!

At least with the Tide Pods thing, people were only affecting themselves. I don’t condone the Tide Pod thing, you should munch on those. But you shouldn’t do things that could affect others because “it’s a trend”. Use your brains, you have them for a reason other than telling your body how to move. Please, just think before doing anything?

This is Mario Kaiba signing off with yet another rant.

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