The reason for my “I’m Broken” tweet from yesterday.

To my followers on here on WordPress, this has to do with some recent Twitter drama. I decided to blog it instead of make a YouTube video. And if anyone uses the contents of this post for a YouTube video… you are scum that should just “Minecraft” yourself. I don’t care who you are, you’re scum if you use this for your own gain.

Okay, time to get to the point. Some asshat calling themselves “The Prophet of DMs” posted some private Discord DMs between Sen and Karen. I know Sen has been in plenty of drama as of late, mainly due to some stupid Tier List of #IStandWithVic YouTubers. I’m not getting into the details on that one, it’s well known how that ended on Twitter. But why am I talking about the DMs? In truth, it’s because reading them made me feel all kinds of things from anger to despair. It’s about time I admitted to something, I had feelings for Karen.

Months back when Sen was shipped with Super Girl (we call her Supes for short), shipping members of #IStandWithVic became a thing. However, there was a girl I liked but never got shipped with because she got shipped with someone else during a bunch of lewd threads. That was Karen, a cosplayer. I ended up shipped with some girl named Haley, but we didn’t interact enough and the ship actually sunk twice. We had a private group DM between a bunch of us. There were three girls in the group I liked, but I’m leaving one anonymous due to the fact she has nothing to do with this. But anywho, Haley started to get close to my friend in the group SoCoolBoi. The thing is Boi was shipped with Karen. Haley’s advances towards Boi caused some friction with Karen and eventually Karen’s ship with Boi was dissolved mainly due to his thinking that “it’s only a ship, it’s not like we’re actually dating” and Haley got Boi like she wanted. In truth, Karen had developed feelings for Boi.

Karen had two besties at the time (not sure if they’re still besties, I know they’re still friends) who told me that I shouldn’t get involved. I had already DMed Karen to check up on her before they told me. When Karen got back to me, I decided to still talk to her about it anyway. And yes, I did get in trouble with those two over it. She was depreciating herself a lot. I told her about the two in the group that I liked before and told her that I’m a real loser. Eventually to calm her down… I dropped the bomb and told her that she was the third girl, the one I had no right to have feelings for. And I still had those feelings, but we both agreed that I wouldn’t ask her out or to even be my ship mainly due to the recent drama with Boi and Haely.

Karen was one of the reasons I took up a Kaiba persona, it’s because he was one of her favorite villains. Yes, I tried my best to get over those feelings. I even supported her efforts to attract the attention of a certain YouTuber who I am not naming. I even asked another girl I had some feelings for to be my ship because I thought I was getting over them. That was Reem, and I do have more feelings for Reem after getting to know her better than I still had for Karen. Karen was REALLY supportive for me and Reem. Though she wore cat ears in a cosplay selfie of Neo from RWBY because I asked, she didn’t tag me because she didn’t want to cause any friction between me and Reem. However… I never really got over my remaining feelings for Karen. And it’s part of the reason why I was broken from the leaked DMs. Why was I broken? Because the DMs were lewd.

Now for the other part, Sen. In truth, he saved me before. What happened was partially both our faults, I archived a tweet from a KickVic 18+ cosplayer that had video footage of her toddler cosplaying as Power Girl. I did it because I found it on the smurf account I deleted that day and as both of us were blocked by said cosplayer, I wanted him to see it because I thought she was a bad mother for allowing a toddler to cosplay Power Girl of all characters. Though the cosplay wasn’t… objectifying, I only knew it was Power Girl from the kid’s back because I saw the cape and the hair. I never even clicked play, her back was in the thumbnail. The reason I archived it was out of my own stupidity, I forgot that Sen could’ve seen it in an incognito window in Chrome. But because I archived a tweet that had a toddler cosplaying as Power Girl… people on Twitter came after me. Mainly due to said cosplayer telling her followers on Twitter and Instagram that I was a pedophile who was saving pictures of her daughter. Others said I was “objectifying a toddler”. In truth, I was concerned. There are real monsters out there. Yet I was demonizing a mother for sharing her hobby with her toddler. Some people even found the Haunt that I was proud to work at and talked to the bossman about his “employee’s antics on Twitter”. Let’s just say… Horace the Hammer-Wielding Hellbilly may not be seen this season.

Sen saved me by taking most of the heat. Though in truth, he did help fan the flames due to some comments that I hated. He called me “the next Vic Mignogna” and said that I should sue said cosplayer for defaming me. Trust me, the latter was tempting. But thanks to him taking the heat, I was forgotten about. Trust me, I was thankful. That situation was not how I wanted to increase my Twitter followers. I gained a lot thanks to it, but I wanted to increase my following by my own effort. But hey, I was off the hook. Trust me, I was tempted to leave twitter. I even put my Facebook on private because I feared getting doxxed. My mother has heart problems, I didn’t want one of our dogs to mysteriously die or for her to get a heart attack because we got SWATed. I was even in fear of my own life during that situation. It’s why I became supportive of Sen. And this was how I came to know him a little better… or so I thought.

Look, Sen is supposed to be e-dating Supes. For a while, they were the #IStandWithVic power couple. Supes is a friend of mine, I knew her before “Senpai noticed her”. It’s time this came to light, I had feelings for Supes in the past. But before I could tell her, she was shipped with Sen before it became e-dating. So I played what feelings I had for her off as being like those of a big brother and little sister and then I eventually got over it. Supes was the other girl in that DM group I had feelings for. In a sense, it feels like I got cucked twice by Sen. That’s why I felt broken.

However… though I had thought about leaving Twitter, I have friends on there. Friends who are actually there for me. Including ones that were scorned by Sen. Sen has called me his friend in the past, though mainly on live streams where he ranted about how I got attacked by stans of that cosplayer. Actually, it feels like he only called me his friend when it was convenient. He never followed me back on Twitter and he doesn’t really talk to me. Most of the time it feels like he doesn’t really acknowledge my existence.

Look, I don’t know how things between Supes and Sen are. I’m not sure if she allows him to do lewd RPs with other women or not. And who he does it with ain’t none of my business. But finding out about him doing that with Karen… it really affected me. Karen knows that I had feelings for her. She knew why I supported her efforts to get the anonymous YouTuber to notice her. It feels like she betrayed my support. As for how I felt about her, it doesn’t matter if she gets with someone else. We agreed that I wouldn’t ask her to be with me. Between that and feeling like I got cucked twice by Sen, that’s why I felt broken.

I would like to thank all my real friends on Twitter for your support. Thanks to you guys, I’m not leaving. However… I don’t think I’ll be doing too many #IStandWithVic posts on twitter. I’m still on Vic’s side, but the community has finally started to turn toxic. And yes, this also means an end to my VS #KickVic fighting montages as well. From now on my content will be different. I may do some review vids for game features like I did when Seto Kaiba FINALLY got into Jump Force. Or other coverage. Heck, I’ve actually started getting back into my writing.

But I do ask this, don’t escalate the crap going on because of some asshat sharing those DMs? Look, I don’t want either Sen or Karen getting attacked. I no longer care for Sen and I’m almost over what I still felt for Karen. But I don’t want this post being used against either of them. So please, just leave them alone? Even if you don’t use this post, don’t bother them about the DMs. I hate drama more than anything. We don’t need anymore drama than what we already have. It’s bad enough that KickVic is going to be using what we currently have against them. And to be honest, the infighting already got on my nerves. So please, just stop? Even though I’m getting out of the movement, it’s still called IStandWithVic. Trust me, the fight for Vic’s innocence is far from over.

Before I sign off, I want everyone to know that I’ve already talked to Reem about all this. She knows that I had feelings for Karen and that I had feelings Supes at one point. I wanted her to know before I even started writing about this.

Now this is Mario Kaiba signing off. SCREW THE RULES, I have green hair!


I just found out that Sen and Supes are no longer together, they haven’t been for a long time. However, they didn’t make it public. No, I didn’t hear it from Sen or Supes. I have my own sources that I will not reveal. As for her betraying my support for Karen and the anonymous YouTuber… my information was outdated like with Sen and Supes. Turns out she gave up on the YouTuber a while ago, she just never told me about it. So that one’s on me. And for an update, I am feeling better than I was when I tweeted “I’m broken”.

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