Status update…

Hey peeps, it’s been a while. Well… things happened other than gaming. In truth… other than spending time on twitter and making connections, I’ve tried to revive my minuscule YouTube career, I’ve actually been making vids when we all know that I should be writing. Well… I will try to get back to writing soon. However, the haunted house season is among us. As you all know… that’s when I do the job I love the most. I decided to try to take action and create a new character with my own material. This one was going to be called “Scarlet Tears”, a slasher. But when I showed the stuff to my boss as today was the first meeting of the year…


Yeah… the character got rejected. I argued it, but I agreed at the end because bossman had a point. The mask is too generic and overused (I blame The Purge) and the black poncho… it blends in too well. Apparently black is not the best color at a haunt. The only thing that got approved was the knife. However… he still wants me to play Horace. The main reason I came up with a new character was due to the fact I wanted occasional variety.

Horace ain’t a bad character. He was actually an extension of the hillbilly character I played my first year there when they needed someone to takeover the kill floor. Because I wore my overalls under the scrubs of a different character in a lab coat, they figured since I have my own that I could do the part. Not to mention that I can do loud voices. I used to play a deranged doctor character, so trying to switch tones on such a short notice wasn’t really that easy. And when last year’s season started, they threw me in the barn area. Horace got his name from an old work shirt I wore over my overalls, it belonged to a guy named Horace. The main prop I used was a hammer, so I called the character “Horace the Hammer-Wielding Hellbilly”. If you include the fact he’s an extension to the character I played the previous year, you could say that I’ve played him for two years. Though only one with the character named.

The reasons why I wanted another character I could play… I’ll lay them down. First, the makeup. I like wearing the stuff, looking like a deranged undead freak. However, it’s usually a flavor of the night as I don’t have my own nor do I apply it myself. I know, I could buy some. But sometimes ya just wanna try on a mask. Next is the fact that all I ever play is a hillbilly. I’m a hillbilly, so I can act the part well. But I do like to try new roles when possible. After that is the gear. With the exception of the makeup and the hammer, everything else are clothes I bring from home. I wanted to start bringing my own props, because we don’t always have enough to go around. And with all of my own stuff, I could probably play a character at conventions. I’m friends with the group Umbrella Corps. Z-Squadron. These guys consider the haunt I work at as their official haunt, but they do cons and charity events. I’d like to do that myself. But other than lacking my own makeup (which I know I should buy), I’d have to get my own prop hammer. That training combat knife cost me under $10, the sheathe almost cost me another $9 separately. Put that together, it’s still cheaper than getting a rubber hammer prop. Those are not cheap. Aside from the sheathe, I bought the Scarlet Tears costume so far for almost $40 from Amazon. I already had the gloves, and they were from a two-pack from the Dollar Tree. The last reason is branding, I wanted a brand ambassador/mascot for RG07 Gaming and Novels. I know, this one was a bit selfish. I’m not afraid to deny it either. My brand consists of this blog site, my YouTube channel, and a Teespring store. I want to do something with it.

I learned a valuable lesson, get full approval before buying. There’s still a chance that I could play a character other than Horace. I’m showing things to the bossman that I hope can get approved of for a new character. But mainly I’ll still be Horace. And yeah, I know I’m at least returning that stupid mask. I’m still debating on the poncho… it was the most expensive, but it doubles as a tarp that believe it or not can spread across the bed of my S-10. Still, I haven’t given up all hope.

Oh, one final thing that I forgot to mention. My twitter friends and some of my non-twitter friends agree on one thing, I should try to get into Voice Acting. I do plan on making a demo reel soon, but my busiest month of the year is coming up. I’m gonna work on my skills a little more before doing the demo reel.

This is Mario Kaiba signing off. SCREW THE RULES, I HAVE GREEN HAIR!

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