Rant: Issues with GTA Online’s Vehicular Warfare.

Author’s note: I know, it’s not a novel update. I do plan on doing one soon. Other than trying to get back into YouTube and this being my busy month anyway, I’ve been coming up with new ideas. Still, this rant is something I’ve needed to get out of the way. And for those who don’t feel like reading, there is a video of this right under the title.

Rant: Issues with GTA Online’s Vehicular Warfare

I was a day one player back on the 360. Back when Buzzards ruled the sky and Rhino Tanks ruled the ground. And then they FINALLY nerfed the Rhino so they could be killed easier, a lot of us were happy. And then the Zentorno came out and ruined everything after we were FINALLY safe from the terror of the Rhino. I remember people backing up and shooting you more than using Sticky Bombs. We thought the skies were bad before… and then the original Heists came out. The Hydra ruled the sky with its explosive machine guns, its still basic homing missiles, and its ability to switch from jet to hover mode. And don’t get me started on ground warfare, armored Kurumas replaced the Zentorno as it was bulletproof and you couldn’t make money like you can today to keep paying for insurance. Not to mention the Rhino was replaced by the Insurgent Pickup for most useful Pegasus ground vehicle.

It wasn’t until the Executives and Other Criminals update after next-gen came out that things changed… as in changed for the worst. VIPs could call in a Buzzard whenever they needed one or a turreted limo from their interaction menu and they would spawn right next to them. At least back then you had to have a million in your bank to be a VIP. And then CEO came out with Further Adventures in Finance and Felony to where you only needed the cheapest office to spend a million one time to basically be an upgraded VIP with less cool downs and no time limit to keep the part. Not to mention you could do Warehouse missions to earn extra money.

I was happy when Bikers came out because it gave us a cheaper alternative to being a VIP or a CEO. Yeah you couldn’t call in a weaponized vehicle, but at least you could call in a bike whenever you needed one to get away. Not to mention I liked the businesses a little better, you only had to restock and then you could go enjoy the game while waiting on the supplies to become product.

But man… it all got ruined when the Gunrunning update came out. MC Presidents which were the weakest of the three became more empowered because now we could call in Oppressors whenever we wanted. And if we ran out of missiles, we could put the bike back in storage through the interaction menu and re-summon it fully repaired and reloaded. The amount in your bank to become a VIP went from a million to only 50K. Not to mention as well as the new armored and OP vehicles, now you could store an Insurgent Pickup or a Technical. Yeah, the stuff from Import/Export wasn’t too bad compared to Gunrunning with Special Vehicles, but Gunrunning was worse as the weaponized vehicles actually had armor.

I can’t say too much for Smuggler’s Run as aerial superiority FINALLY changed due to having personal aircraft. Even though you could store a Hydra, it was no longer king and just useful for doing Hanger resupplies. Better aircraft with customization options FINALLY killed it. And then Doomsday Heists came out when we thought the game wasn’t broken enough with Rockstar’s help. Now we had the Deluxo, a car that could actually fly. People no longer cared about having a Buzzard as now they had a new toy that could be called in by the Mechanic that could enter any garage or LS Customs if it needed repaired. Not to mention it had the most accurate missiles in the game, there was almost no escaping. Though we did have the tougher Stromburg… no one wanted a submarine car. And the Jetpacks, those things could outrun missiles if not using the countermeasures.

But some idiot had to ask, “How could this get any worse?”. Then with Nightclubs… came the Oppressor Mk.2 of all things, a futuristic motorcycle that flies and can have countermeasures added. At least with the original Oppressor you had to have skill to use it and it couldn’t have missiles unless you unlocked them via research. Not to mention you could abuse the Mk.2 like the original if you were an MC President. We all thought the game was ruined before, the Mk.2 proved us all wrong.

Sadly nothing can be said about Arena War when it comes to the game being ruined, people hated that update for other reasons. Everything was too expensive and the vehicles are crappy for Free Roam fights. I can’t defend the pricing or the randomized way of unlocking the discounts. But I can defend the vehicles as those were not meant for Free Roam fighting. They were meant to only be used in the Arena. But I still think that the Arena War update had too many missed opportunities. The Raptor should’ve had an Arena War variant. I could imagine it with machine guns with a different shell that’s been armored. And for the Casino… nothing too OP. The only weaponized vehicle from it is the Armored Paragon you get from completing the missions as host. And it only has Machine Guns.

Yeah, I could’ve talked about the Mk.2 Weapons and such, but those already ruined the game. Especially when they increased with the Doomsday Heist. But you are still limited to having to have completed the research for explosive rounds or the Mk.2 Sniper. The Alien guns were stupid and didn’t really bring much to the table. And I’ve only mentioned either the newest updates or ones with weaponized vehicles. I’m both glad and mad that they’ve FINALLY disabled passive mode in weaponized vehicles. I’m glad because it meant the end of passive mode abuse for people who enter passive after a kill. Mad because this means I can no longer go into passive when I just wanna do jumps in my Scramjet or one of my Arena War vehicles without being attacked. But hey, the good outweighs the bad with that one. In truth, I’m only mad about the missed opportunities with the game.

When Gunrunning came out, they should’ve added a re-commissioned JB 700 to the game. Or a Mk.2 version where you can’t used the ejector seat and the spike strips got replaced with mines. Or even with Arena Wars, they could’ve easily made a variant of that car. There are a lot of forgotten vehicles that Arena War could’ve brought new life too. Heck, they could’ve made a variant of the Dune FAV that replaced the mines with the Arena War ones. It would’ve made that thing somewhat useful as you had a version that you didn’t need a co-pilot to operate the Machine Gun. Or even a variant of the Injection. My biggest pet peeve about Arena War was that you had plenty of other vehicles that could’ve had new life breathed into them and instead they wanted to give us yet another set of variants of the Dominator and even more upgrade options to the Slamvan. So yeah, I’m disappointed in Rockstar for reasons more than the damn vehicular combat meta.

This is Mario Kaiba, Screwing the Rules and signing off.

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