Updates and things to come…

At the time I started writing this, it’s 4:36 in the morning. Anywho, I have some announcements. First off, I FINALLY got the next chapter of The Oracle and the Gunslinger (TOG) finished. Yeah, it’s been over a year since I wrote any updates to my novels. It’s just been difficult to get into it. It’s not like I was fresh out of ideas, I kept getting new ones. But trying to put it to paper was difficult. However, Wastelanders is coming to Fallout 76 soon. It was originally supposed to come out yesterday, but it was pushed back a week due to the “Beer Flu”.

Speaking of Fallout 76 and Wastelanders… I’m going to start streaming that after the release. I know, I was supposed to start streaming Fallout 76 well over a year ago. And… I’m not finished streaming Fallout 4 as well. I figured that around launch would be a good time to stream it, more people start paying attention to streamers when they stream games around launch or the release of new content. And despite all the crap that Fallout 76 has been run through (mainly due to Bethesda in general), people are interested in Wastelanders because the game is FINALLY getting NPCs. Heck, the game just had a Triple XP weekend. So I was able to level up my main character to 49 and my secondary one to 20. Hey, I rarely play that game. So I’m not in the 200’s like most launch day players. And yes, I am going to start fresh with a new character. It’s time to see Lost Justice exit another vault.

Next, I’m going to try to get back to making content. Novel updates, YouTube videos, and live streams. I’m going to stick to Twitch depending on which PSN I’m streaming from. When it’s my secondary, it’ll be YouTube. The main reason I haven’t completely made the move to YouTube is due to the fact that I can’t have access to everything on my secondary PSN that I have on my main. Like the Fallout 76 stuff, that’s linked to my Bethesda account. So anything I paid for that I had to use money is only usable with that PSN. So far I hate the Atomic Shop. And I don’t have the time to play to earn all the Atoms I need to buy stuff. Not to mention I bought a month’s subscription to Fallout 1st because I wanted the Ranger armor from New Vegas. Hey, Bethesda themselves said that if you claim the content before your membership expires, you keep it. Though… the special Stash Box for unlimited scrap won’t be able to be deposited into. So yeah… I can’t do much on my other PSN with Fallout 76. Or other games due to the fact that some games won’t stream to YouTube directly (like the Xenoverse games). So by doing the divide, I’m able to still stream on YouTube for lots of my other games. Not to mention I edit my YouTube vids on my other PSN anyway.

I know, I mentioned the streaming between Twitch and YouTube before as well as the reasons for doing it. But my other PSN is MarioKaibaYT. So streaming from Twitch on it would be awkward in a sense. Besides, lots of my other games I just don’t want to go through to unlock things (like Dead by Daylight). The Mario Kaiba PSN is meant more for fresh starts, mainly with games without multiple save files. And yes, there’s plenty of games that just don’t do that anymore. Hell, Red Dead Online doesn’t have the option to make a second character. And as I made the mistake of not making a female for my main PSN (I wanted to have at least one female and one male), I ended up deleting Lost Justice and made an EXTREMELY failed attempt at making the Oracle because I didn’t want to lose anything from my main PSN with that game. I’m starting to miss the days of memory cards even more… and I man do I feel old thinking about it. I just hope Rockstar wisens up and let’s us make a second character in the future. It’s the one thing that a lot of the fan base has been asking for. If you could do it with GTA Online, what’s to stop you from doing it with Red Dead Online Rockstar?

So yeah… that’s the gist. Expect the next chapter of TOG sometime after I wake up and reread everything. Mario Kaiba, Screwing the Rules and signing out.

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