The Oracle and the Gunslinger

Many years ago, the king of Wintergreen Kingdom fell in love with a woman. Sadly, he had to give her up for political reasons, even canceling their engagement. She later became an Oracle, a messenger of the gods. Forsaking everything, from her name to her daughter conceived with Wintergreen’s king, she now wanders from world to world to do her duty.

Lost Justice is a man born with the name Abel Mechana. Once the heir of a corporate dynasty, he lost it all the day that the world ended from an all-out nuclear war. Being woke up from almost 2000 years of cryogenic sleep, he tried to start his life to start anew. However, the Deity had other plans and his children were kidnapped. Despite killing the kidnapper, he couldn’t rescue the children due to circumstances out of his control.

What happens when a multiverse traveling oracle hires a gunslinger out of place and time to be her bodyguard? What will happen when these two travel from world to world to spread messages and chaos? Not even the gods know.

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, Other World, Mature (descriptive gore and violence)

T.O.G! – Prologue

T.O.G. Chapter 01 – I’m Going to go to the Brawl?

T.O.G! Chapter 02 – Nidome no Barbarian?

T.O.G! Chapter 3 – A Living Will?

T.O.G Chapter 04 – Into the Darkness?

T.O.G! Chapter 5 – How to kill a Ghost?

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