But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life!

Synopsis: When he was almost twenty-two years of age, Katsu Fujiwara was an ex-delinquent who died when he was hit by a truck on his way home on New Years Eve. All he could think of was how his little sister would be lonely without him as his life faded away. But when he was to be judged by Saint Paul, he had to argue that he did not have a sister complex. His fate by the judge, jury, and executioner of the deceased… was to be reincarnated in another world.

For the first seventeen years of his new life as Niko, things were peaceful. Even though his childhood friend, Chloe had been taken from him to become Princess Ana’s personal maid when he was eleven, he promised her two things. First was that he would get stronger. The second was that he would never cry. With his promises to Chloe in heart he became a Punching Wizard, a offshoot of the Magic Swordsman class. And both a local bounty hunter and the protector of his fellow orphans.

But as always, something goes wrong. The demons return is nigh and a hero is to be summoned from another world. But as for the hero… it was the one person he tried to forget about, his little sister from his past life Miyuki! Now Niko has to deal with his now grown former little sister by keeping his past life from her, a childhood friend bound by duty, and a Princess that keeps calling him a fool. Not to mention help fight off the demon invasion. Just what will happen to our protagonist? Other than becoming a pirate?

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Ecchi(?), Harem, Adventure, Other World

  • First arc


Chapter 1 – The Day of a Life in Wintergreen Evergreen Village

Chapter 2 – When it’s Time to Leave the Nest… Sometimes You Just Need a Push

Chapter 3 – Out of the Fire and Right Back to the Frying Pan

Chapter 4 – Is it Over? Or is Something New about to Begin?

Chapter 5 – Shipping or Non-shipping?

Chapter 6 – To be continued…

  • Second Arc

Chapter 7 – A Pirate’s Life for Me?

Chapter 8 – It’s a Trap?

Chapter 9 – Battle at Sea?

Chapter 10 – Not the Obligatory Hot Spring Episode?

Chapter 11 – When Truths come to Light?

Chapter 12 – Found Out?

  • Third Arc

Chapter 13 – Demerits and Prestige?

Chapter 14 – Phantom?


LGDK/LSPL Special: Forgotten Adventure in Another World – Part 1

LGDK/LSPL Special: Forgotten Adventure in Another World – Part 2

Holiday Specials:

LGDK/LSPL 2016 Christmas Special!!!

LGDK/LSPL 2016 Boxing Day Special?

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