For Literature:

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Donations are optional. I cannot force anyone to do so nor will I beg any of you for a donation. However, I will be grateful if you guys decide to do so. Any money donated will be put towards things that are useful for LGDK or any of my future writings, things like cover art or stuff to keep my PC running so I can continue writing. No donation money will be put to personal use such as video games.

The only reason I added a donation button is because I am currently unemployed.

For Gaming:

As this is where I advertise my live streams, I figured I’d take donations here as well. If you don’t wanna use PayPal to donate towards the streams, I also accept PSN card codes. If there’s a game you wanna see me stream in the future, just be sure to send codes with enough PlayStation cash or more to buy the game. Send those to my email with the name of the game, and I’ll be sure to purchase. As the PSN store now taxes online sales in my state, the tax will most likely come out of my pocket.

And please, buy the cards yourselves.  Code generators are scams, steal from people who actually pay for cards, and can lead to your PC getting a virus.