I Reincarnated Too Many Times!

Long time before the god Sigmund put the Japanese teenagers Shiro Wantanabe, Kuromi Yoshida, and Yuto Sasaki on the Banned Eternal Reincarnation Program… another was put on it. His original name is unknown even to himself. He’s been a hero, a demon king, a sage, a saint, and even a mob. Even born as other races and even the other gender, he’s been around. However, the program was banned for two reasons. First, it’s because he always retained his skills and experience from his previous lives. Thus he gets stronger with each life, even able to challenge the Higher Gods. But secondly, there’s only so many times a soul can be reincarnated and carry one’s experience and memories before burning out. Now living as Leon Gray, he’s on his last life.

When he was reborn as Leon Gray, he was nothing other than a villager who was enslaved when his village was attacked. After winning enough matches as a gladiatorial slave, he was freed by imperial law. And after reuniting with his childhood sweetheart, they both became famous adventurers. However, a demon king with a heart for of vengeance against humanity needed to be defeated. But after defeating the demon king and getting praised as the hero of the empire… a jealous heir of a duke household decided to get back at him via netorare. So in revenge, Leon left the empire and a note to the emperor saying to blame the heir of the Duke Swallow household. And like that, the Duke Swallow house came to ruin.

Now he tries to spend his days in a town called “Vrede” that’s not under the influence of the four biggest countries, taking it slow and enjoying what’s left of his final life. How else? By spending those days eating in peace. However, the daughter of the man who burned him and the woman he once loved found him. Sofia Swallow wants his help rebuilding the reputation of her house, not knowing the bad blood between him and her father. What’s going to happen when an ignorant girl is stubborn enough to be a match for a man who’s reincarnated more times than he can remember? And what adventures await?

Genre: Slow life, Adventure, Other World, Ecchi(?), Mature (subjective themes and violence)

  • First arc


Chapter 01 – A Goddess Descends?

Chapter 02 – Destiny Clock?