Highlights of the #BlackWingsMatter YGO: LotD campagin and Arc-V Finale review…

Originally I was just going to highlight the stream, but I just watched the finale of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V. So I figured I’d do both the highlights and a review.

First for the highlights. For starters, Dark Jackel actually got to enjoy the stream as I lowered the video quality enough for him to see it. I’ll go back to the highest quality when he gets actual internet. But that aside, the first part met with the most losses since I tried doing the Duel Monsters campaign with my IRL deck. I knew I’d lose most of my advantages with my Blackwings deck starting with the 5D’s campaign, but Zexal was harder than I thought it would be. In the first part which was Friday night, I lost at least twice. I also lost once last night, but we can get to that later. The Spleen of the Cards was not with me as much as it normally is. Other than being late with the stream due to a late dinner, there wasn’t much done.

As for the second and final part which was last night, I managed to go through the whole thing with only one loss because of a mistake and the RNG Gods being stronger than the Spleen of the Cards. But I managed to complete the campaign with only that loss. There were more than enough times where I thought I was going to lose a duel, but the Spleen of the Cards was in my favor. I even managed to beat Astral in the final duel. During the time I was sick, I tried multiple times to beat Astral and won only 2 out of 6 duels. And it was with the same Blackwings deck that I used in the stream.

Overall, I enjoyed the #BlackWingsMatter live streams playing Yu-Gi-Oh!: Legacy of the Duelist. I got a minor following and the streams are more about the community than anything else. Talking about web novels, light novels, manga, and anime. Not to mention that I found more than one engine in the “Blackwing Panda-monium” deck. I could keep just stealing my opponents monsters with Goyo Guardian to summon more, use other methods to get my three level 7 Blackwings out on the field, or just find a way to bring out Dragocyto Corrupted Nethersoul Dragon. I found all kinds of versatility with that deck.

Now on to my review of the Yu-Gi-Oh!: Arc-V finale. I stuck with the series, even through it’s rough patches. I liked Yuya, he was the first protagonist who didn’t only want fame, but he also wanted to make people smile. I even stuck with the series during the arc in the Syncro dimension. Though I hated that they did more with Jack Atlas, the series’ Kaiba of 5D’s than they did with Reiji (Declan in the dub) who was the Arc-V series’ Kaiba. Yeah, I’m one of the many who hated that even with returning characters such as Asuka (Alexis) and Edo (Aster Pheonix) from GX, Crow and Jack from 5D’s, and Kaito (Kite) from Zexal… none of the previous protagonists returned. I am able to forgive it as they were all from other dimensions instead of time periods, but come on!

Not to mention that Yugo (Yuya’s Syncro dimension counterpart) and Yuri (Yuya’s Fusion dimension counterpart) were not used well either, they were under utilized. I would had loved for Yugo to have had a bigger part or for Yuri to have a redemption arc, but the writers were just being lazy. Not to mention half of the crew was reassigned to work on The Darkside of Dimensions, which follows the original series manga instead of anime. I wanted more character development. And don’t get me started on Yuto (Yuya’s Xyz dimension counterpart) only being like a “spirit partner” like the Pharoh/Atem/Yami Yugi or Astral. the other “Yu -boys” as they are called didn’t get enough screen time.

But those were just my gripes with the series in general. As for the review, the final episode could had been better. First off, they were continuing the duel with Yuya and Reiji that started as soon as Yuya’s final duel with Jack ended. It was their third duel in total as the first one got interrupted and the second one Reiji curb-stomped Yuya. It was their fourth if you count when Yuya was Zarc, but I don’t count it. Yeah, Yuya won it. But he should had beaten Reiji a long time ago. None of the other protagonists had to duel the series’ Kaiba as the final duel. Nor did they wait for it to be the last duel of the series to win. Part of the key points to winning the duel were to make both Reiji and Reira (Reiji’s brother) smile. I’m telling you now, if a puppy dies every time Kaiba smiles… than OVER 9000 PUPPIES die when Reiji smiles. Why? Because that guy had never smiled in the whole series.

What really got me was that the series needs and afterword or an epilogue. Yeah, Yuzu finally returned, but we need to know what happens after. I hate open endings. Hell, I wasn’t the only one who wanted all four Yu-boys and all fore Bracelet girls (Yuzu and her dimensional counterparts) to be back in the flesh. In the end, Yuya had absorbed the other Yu-boys and Yuzu being the last bracelet girl standing was something that just happened. If you wanna know what I’m talking about, binge watch the whole series. I’d recommend the sub as it’s complete and better than the dub. Still, the ending wasn’t that bad. It just… could have ended on a higher note.

And that my friends is the review on the final #BlackWingsMatter live streams and the Yu-gi-Oh!: Arc-V finale. I’ll probably revist Yu-gi-Oh!: Legacy of the Duelist in the future when I get some DLCs. Or just do the reverse duels or Duelist Challenges. I’ve already gotten all of the Trophies in that game, too bad a Platinum doesn’t exist for it. I will be streaming Destiny next weekend, though only the story modes. I’ll be remaking my Warlock. And I’ll try to have a chapter out as well. Still, thanks too all who have attended the #BlackWingsMatter live streams. I REALLY appreciate you guys. And don’t forget to spread the world.


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