L.G.D.K! Chapter 05 – King?

Author’s Note: Hello again my peeps. As you can tell, I’m trying to keep this story weekly as much as possible. Still, sorry if there was too much fan service and information overflow in the last chapter. As for this one, the title is actually named after the song by Lauren Aquilina, a song that’s normally fan-affiliated with The Legend of Zelda’s child Link timeline. Anywho, enjoy and feel free to make harsh criticisms.

It was finally the time. Coy was now standing in the center of the shrine wearing nothing but a robe. I will admit that I had fun torturing Coy as a female. However… her female body was more of a hindrance for her. We tried watching her do swordplay, the extra weight that made her top-heavy messed with her balance. As for using the revolver… it turned out that the accuracy when facing the Harem King was a fluke. So in all reality, enacting the curse was the best option. As Kimiko was casting it, Coy was starting to be covered in a light. And at the end…


Standing where the female Coy was, a familiar male Coy was in her place.

“Success!” (Kimiko)

Coy then looked down at himself.

“I’m back!” (Coy)

Oh he’s happy. Actually, this was the happiest I’ve seen him since I met him. However, the loli had to be herself. She walked in front of him and opened his robe.

“Hey!” (Coy)

“Looks like I was correct, it’s shaved down there.” (Nyra)

Coy was sure to close the robe before backing away.

“Did you really have to do that, loli?”

“How else was I supposed to make sure?” (Nyra)

“Now, now, Yuki-chan. Nyra-chan was only testing her theory. I will admit, I was a little curious myself.” (Kimiko)

“Et tu, Kimi-chan?”

Is it because they are both night elves or something? With that, Kimiko walked up to me and whispered in my ear.

“Don’t worry, Yuki-chan. I’m rooting for you.” (Kimiko)

Kimiko, you piece of shipper-trash. Seriously, it’s like you’re enjoying this.

“Anyways… can I get dressed now?” (Coy)

“Just go.”

With that, Coy made a mad dash for a room. He had his clothing in his inventory since yesterday. When he returned, it was in the same attire he wore yesterday.

“This is much better.” (Coy)

“Why do you wear that outfit anyway?”

I had to ask. There was something that I had to confirm for myself.

“The tunic actually has defense towards both light and dark magic. The wrist guards I wear under the gloves boost physical defense and the gloves themselves increase my dexterity. My boots halve the amount of stamina I use. The headband and the pants actually do nothing.” (Coy)

Knew it, pieces of clothing and armor do increase stats.

“What about your rings you wear under your gloves?”

“As you know, I do have the Ferry Ring for limited distance travel. I also have one that lowers my magic consumption, one that increases my luck, another that increases poison resistance, and one that does parallelization resistance.” (Coy)

Alright, now he’s seeming more like the kind of fantasy hero I imagined.

“Any skill sets?”

“Well… I do have a few skills. Though they seem a little too custom in my opinion.” (Coy)

“Do tell.”

“Actually… it would be easier if you just read them on my Adventurer’s Guild card.” (Coy)

He then handed me his card. As I read them, I had mixed feelings.


Lone Gunman:

A critical hit with one gunshot. Cool down is five minutes.

All or Nothing:

Accumulate all stats and use them for ATK or MG ATK. Increases by equipment excluded from accumulated stats. May be used for one physical attack or one spell. May leave user highly vulnerable. Cool down is ten minutes. Cannot be used with Lone Gunman.


Steal one random item from an enemy. Cool down is five minutes.

Shadow Walker:

Fully maximizes stealth for ten minutes. Cool down is five minutes.

And those were his skills. Personally, Lone Gunman only reminded me why I was originally depressed when I found out guns were in this world. However, both All or Nothing and Shadow Walker seemed interesting. I actually wondered if Shadow Walker’s stealth increase could be used for All or Nothing? I then handed him back the card.

“Personally, I think you need some different skills. Pillager seems pointless.”

“That one actually helps in combat. Sometimes you can even get an enemy weapon when ya use it. Or that one piece of equipment that’s giving ya trouble in a fight.” (Coy)

“It still seems like something only a villain would use.”

“But in a fight, ain’t the other side always the villain?” (Coy)

He actually had a point with that one.

“Fine, you win this time.”

After that little exchange of words, it was time for another meeting. This time, we had to discuss our next course of action. We had the meeting in the dining area of the shrine over tea and crumpets. Of course, this wasn’t going to be easy.

“Look, I just don’t wanna help the guy. What kind of jerk turns a guy into a woman the first time they meet?” (Coy)

“Yeah, but what about the women taken by the Bunkins?”

“Yuki-chan does have a point there, Coy-kun.” (Kimiko)

“Ya seen the wounds that the Harem King had when he got here. I don’t know much about lasers, but I don’t wanna know either.” (Coy)

“You mean to tell me that you’re scared? The same guy who took on a Gore Grizzly?”

“Yuki… I was actually terrified in that fight.” (Coy)

“Yet you still won, right?”

“Look, I don’t think it’s a good idea either.” (Nyra)

“Do tell us your opinion, Nyra-chan?” (Kimiko)

“I’ve heard stories of Bunkins myself. Not to mention that anyone who goes near one of their bunkers ends up missing, never to be heard from again.” (Nyra)

“Wait… is that true?”

“Yuki-chan, I looked into Bunkins while we were still at the castle. There have been reports of expeditions concerning the Bunkins where no one returned. Anyone who did return talked about how brutal they were. About magic guns that shot light, which I knew of as lasers from when I was in your world. However… they have no resistance to magic either. So there is a chance of success.” (Kimiko)

“See Coy, there is a chance?”

“I still don’t know…” (Coy)

“Coy, do you want to have to depend on a curse that reverts during the full moon to stay a male?”

This has to be the one to have him at hook, line, and sinker. He didn’t like his experience as a woman after all.

“I don’t like that I need this curse. However… where’s the promise that the spell will be reversed anyway?” (Coy)

Wait… crap. I forgot about that possibility.

“Actually Yuki-chan… I have been thinking. Even if we refuse the remove the anti-magic collar until the spell is given to us, is it even possible?” (Kimiko)

“What do you mean?”

“Well… there has to be a reason that the spell is rare. Other than it being a taboo, of course. That spell doesn’t seem to fall under any of the elements. It might be one that can only be learned by a grimoire?” (Kimiko)

“Wait… only be learned by a grimoire?”

That was something I didn’t even think about.

“Yeah washboard, certain spells can only be learned from grimoires. In case you didn’t know, grimoires are magic spell books that can only be used once to learn a spell. After they are read, they become useless.” (Nyra)

All right, I didn’t even know that. I should had done more studying while I was still forced to stay in the Devil King’s Castle, that’s a given.

“Then… what are we going to do about Coy’s situation?”

“I have an idea, but even I don’t like it.” (Coy)

Silence was at the table. Coy isn’t the kind of person who will do anything he doesn’t want to.

“Do tell, Coy-kun.” (Kimiko)

“Grimoires like the one used to learn gender changing spells can be found on the black market. However, it still may be difficult to find one that way. Not to mention expensive as well. But… it’s our best bet.” (Coy)

He did have a point. Though… I was curious on why he didn’t want to do it.

“Coy-kun… why don’t you like it. Is it the price?”

“It’s not that. The truth is that there are risks when buying something that rare on the black market. I’ve seen cases where people who didn’t want to pay the full price would hire people to acquire it for them. And if it’s a grimoire like that one, it’s possible to be abducted if you were to learn gender changing spells in an attempt to make the grimoire useless. The criminal underworld is a scary thing. I don’t want anything to happen to anyone just to change me back, all right? It’s something that I don’t want on my conscious.” (Coy)

Wow… this is the rare side of Coy that cares too much. But now is the time to reassure him.

“Coy-kun, what if I learn it under my Sea Green persona?”

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

“Don’t forget, I have the rare ability to transform into a magical girl. So if I learn it as Sea Green, the odds of my being kidnapped over it are slim.”

“Coy-kun, she has a point. If she learns it transformed, no one will know that it’s her when she’s Yuki-chan.” (Kimiko)

So far, it looks like this might actually work.

“All right, let’s say we do that? Even if we plan it that way, grimoires are a risk that a lot of black market merchants refuse to deal with due to the dangers. Our real problem is finding one who will.” (Coy)

“What about Cecil?”

In case anyone’s forgotten, that was the merchant we got the liquid charcoal from.

“He’s the type who deals mainly with fuel sources. With the position his sister has for the church, even he wouldn’t be dumb enough to do something that might cost Cecilia her job. However…” (Coy)

Alright, where is he going now?

However… what?”

“He might know one who does deal in grimoires? So he’s worth a shot.” (Coy)

Score one more for me.

“All right, let’s go ask him right now?”

With that, we finished our tea and crumpets. Not too surprisingly, Cecil was still in his spot from yesterday. However, Coy told us that too many people approaching a black market merchant was not a good idea. So I was the only one who went with Coy while both Kimiko and Nyra browsed the rest of the Market Place.

“Oi, welcome back. Let me guess, you‘re under the full moon curse at the moment?” (Cecil)

“Wait… how could ya tell?” (Coy)

“I saw the fight with the Harem King. To be honest, I really wanted him dead.” (Cecil)

“You and many others.” (Coy)

“Well yeah. The bastard stole my fiancée.” (Cecial)

Wait… this shifty character had a fiancée?

“Let me guess, a girl in another village?” (Coy)

“That’s right. It was last week when I got the news. I really want to beat it out of him on where she is.” (Cecil)

“Look, can we just get to business?” (Coy)

Like the Elder said yesterday, he’s straight to the point.

“I take it that ya need something ‘special’ to help with your predicament?” (Cecil)

“Yeah, I do.” (Coy)

“Let’s talk behind the stall?” (Cecil)

As asked, we complied. Cecil looked around, so I could only assume that this was something that couldn’t be talked about in public.

“Look, grimoires are the one thing I normally stay away from. Gender changing ones can normally get the person in possession at least twenty years. Not to mention that thieves are easily drawn to those ones because of the price. However… there is something that I’m sure ya didn’t know.” (Cecil)

“And that would be?” (Coy)

“Gender changing grimoires are actually sets of two. One for male-to-female, which is the most requested. And then there’s the female-to-male ones, which is less popular. True dark arts fanatics try to get their hands on both while those in the prostitution rings only desire the male-to-female ones. The female-to-male ones are easier to find due to lack on interest. This means that I can locate a few for ya. However, there is a cost.” (Cecil)

This guy…

“How much?” (Coy)

“As an eye of a Gore Grizzly is a component of the curse you’re currently using, I know that ya have to have more materials from one. However, rare items and money will not do this time. What I need is information.” (Cecil)

“What information?” (Coy)

“My fiancée, Tara. If she’s still alive, I must know where she is.” (Cecil)

Wow… this guy is more than just a shifty individual.

“If she’s still alive, I may have an idea where she is.” (Coy)

“Then tell me.” (Cecil)

“The truth is… the Harem King was attacked by Bunkins on his way here. From what he’s told us so far, the Bunkins took his harem away. So if she’s still alive, your fiancée is as good as gone.” (Coy)

“What!?” (Cecil)

We had to remind him that not to be so loud.

“Look, I know you’re upset. If this girl with me were taken, I would be upset too. (Coy)

Wait… does Coy really…

“It’s easier for ya to say, ya still have her.” (Cecil)

That bitterness is just too easily justified.

“Look, I fulfilled my end. It’s your turn.” (Coy)

“I refuse.” (Cecil)

That slimy little…

“Look pal, we made a deal.” (Coy)

“And I’m altering it.” (Cecil)

“Do you want me to drag you out of town and beat it out of ya?” (Coy)

Coy’s ‘tsun’ side is showing…

“Ya can beat me and ya can bruise me, but I will die before I do anything more for you. And if ya dare threaten to rat me out as a black market merchant, I’ll be sure to tell everyone what ya were asking me for.” (Cecil)

“Ya son of a…” (Coy)

“Don’t ya dare call my mother a bitch either. Now if ya want my cooperation, ya must do a job for me.” (Cecil)

“Tell me and I might consider it.” (Coy)

“If my sweet Tara is dead, bring me proof. But if she is alive, bring her to me.” (Cecil)

Oh boy…

“Look, the only reason I even came to you is because I wanted to avoid dealing with the Bunkins. If you’re so concerned, why don’t ya do it yourself?” (Coy)

“Because I’m a merchant, not an adventurer. I don’t have the skills or ability for fight a goblin, much less a Bunkin.” (Cecil)

“So… that’s what Cecilia meant when she said ya were a spineless coward?” (Coy)

Please do not add fuel to the fire?

“What do ya know about me?” (Cecil)

“That ya used to be a soldier for Stinwin. Actually, a sailor for their navy.” (Coy)

“Those days are long past.” (Cecil)

Wait… did something happen. Like either something dramatic or was he discharged over stupidity?

“Cecil D. Flamenco, the youngest sailor to earn the position of captain in the Stinwin Navy. Captain of the ironclad steam ship S.P.S. Dead Mercy. However, you made a bad call.” (Coy)

“Don’t ya dare…” (Cecil)

“I know what ya did, Cecil. However, you need to put your past behind you.” (Coy)

Wait… what!? And did I just mentally steal Coy’s catchphrase?

“What do ya mean? I can never be forgiven for my mistake. Not even by the Deity.” (Cecil)

“Your sister already forgave you.” (Coy)

Wait… there’s more?

“What do ya mean?” (Cecil)

“Even she knows it was wrong of the navy to discharge you over it. One of the reasons she’s worked so hard was because she wanted to match up to your accomplishments. And there’s the trying to clear the Flamenco family name, but you were her inspiration. The only thing she hates is what ya decided to do afterwards. Cecil, don’t ya think that three years of self-pity is enough?” (Coy)

Is bromance really where this is going?

“But… I gave it all up. I’m an oil merchant, I don’t have any weapons.” (Cecil)

“Here.” (Coy)

Coy opened his inventory and pulled out… a saber? And he handed it to Cecil.

“Isn’t this…” (Cecil)

“It’s your old Stinwin Naval saber. Cecilia had it repaired. She may not like me, but she asked me of all people to give this back to you if I found you. Now, are ya going to remain in self-pity? Or… are you finally gonna do something?” (Coy)

Coy… you smooth talker.

“You’re right, it’s time I stopped dwelling in the past. I’m going.” (Cecil)

“All right.” (Coy)

“As in going with ya.” (Cecil)

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

“Don’t think for a minute that ya can smooth talk a merchant. Especially one in the black market. You’re still going on my little errand if you want me to give ya location of one of those grimoires. The only thing changing is that I’m joining your party.” (Cecil)

Yeah… I should had seen this one coming from a mile away.

“Sorry Coy-kun, it looks like we’re still going after all.”

I could see from the look on his face that he didn’t like this. However, even I was curious about the Bunkins. Since Kimiko said that they use technology that I may be familiar with. However, does this also meant that there’s one more person in on our secret?

After Note: And that was our fifth chapter, folks. I needed to point something out real quick about Coy and Cecil. Coy alternates between saying “you” and “ya” when he speaks while Cecil normally says “ya” instead. Originally, Cecil wasn’t going to be too important of a character when I created him. But as I was writing this chapter, I actually started to like him more. Besides, Coy needs at least one male companion on his journey. So instead of created an entirely new character, I decided to keep Cecil and make him something other than “Cecilia’s shady black market merchant brother”. And yes, I named him Cecil because I was lazy. Still, I’m going to edit the first chapter later to fix Cecil’s speech to match how it is from now on.

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