This week’s Live Stream and Story Update…

Well, I will be live streaming more Yu-Gi-Oh tonight. The usual-ish time of either 9 or 9:30 pm EST. I know I still need to make a highlights post, but I decided to save that for after we get finished with the 5D’s campaign. This way we get more of a clear picture when I post it. Yes, I will be using my new PlayStation camera that I got for my birthday. So now you will have a face to go with the voice you hear. As for what I’ll be doing when I finally run out of Yu-Gi-Oh content… I’ll tell you in the next paragraph.

I’m conflicted on what I will be doing. I know that I plan on redoing all of the campaigns in Reverse Duels, but what will I do when that runs dry? I had just got Overwatch, but that’s where the problems lie. You see, what makes my streams so good is the community. We sit around and talk about novel translations while I play. But Overwatch has a high following. There’s still people who flock to those streams. I’m scared that those people will come in and wonder what the hell is going on. I like it when it’s people who have an interest in web and light novels, it’s easier to talk to the crowd. Especially after Reigo-senpai (Reigokai) posts a fresh translation of Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekau Douchuu. We all seem to talk a lot about that. Like how the ship of Makoto with Hibiki sunk hard last week. Or just what’s currently going on like with Makoto’s current meeting with the Demon Lord Zef. Still, the most we could do try to convert people into novel followers? Nah, I just like you guys the best. So I’m happy with the current community we have going on.

Now for what people have been waiting for, news on this week’s update. I’m sad to say it, but it’s not happening. You see… I had an issue this week that started on Monday. Because my birthday was on Sunday and it was my 30th, I had to try to get my driver’s license renewed. Sadly, it wasn’t until my birthday that I had enough money. The problem was that I still had a West Virginia driver’s license. I’m now living in Ohio. Because it was an out of state driver’s license, they couldn’t do a transfer because it was expired. So I was told that I had to take the Ohio tests. I just took the one for my learner’s permit, and I passed. I’m scheduled to take the exam for an actual license next week. But knowing that I could no longer legally drive took an emotional toll on me. Hell, I had to wait for my mom to be awake on Tuesday so she could take me to get our smokes. I had already been up the whole night playing Overwatch because my friend who was originally going to buy me the game saw that I was online and had me play with him. Still, I felt so powerless because I couldn’t go anywhere. I about cried. My eldest sister told me off because she never had a license, but I talked back because never having something and having something before it being taken away are different. Still, it hurts not being able to do something that you normally are able to do.

But yeah, no updates this week. I’m sorry, not being able to drive anymore has been too emotional for me. But that’s gonna change soon and I will have something up next week. Just remember that there will be a live stream tonight. And you will finally see the face that goes with the voice.



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