Chapter is postponed after all…

Well… I just missed my usual deadline on posting chapters. Therefore you won’t be getting the new chapter until next Friday/Saturday. In the mean time, Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu chapter 75 is out, so read that instead.

As for how re-programming my computer is going, I’m almost finally done after a few days of constant setbacks. Mainly has to do with me trying to find ways around areas that I shouldn’t have. Still, I finally got Windows 10 back up and around. I still need to re-download Steam and my games on there as I’m only using Windows for stuff that can’t be done on Linux. Not to mention put AVG anti-virus on there too.

Speaking of Linux, I also got Ubuntu installed already. I just need to program in a few minor tweaks on that end. I already got Chrome on there, so that’s gonna help out a lot. Once I’m done with that, it’s back to writing. I don’t know how I’m going to make up for a missed chapter though. I could just post two one day after the other then go back to schedule?

Still, I’m actually behind on both watching anime and reading manga right now. Not to mention that I finally got my other set of W2s in, so I need to do my taxes. Yes, I am going to use some of my tax return money to get Taken King for Destiny. If it weren’t for trying to do something stupid and using a Code Generator, I wouldn’t had been in this mess in the first place. Never again am I going to do that.

Anywho… I still have a lot that I gotta do. But I will try my best not to behind on the next L.G.D.K! update.


2 thoughts on “Chapter is postponed after all…

    1. The sad part is that I knew it was before doing it. However, desire defeated reason and I ended up going for it. I would like to blame Bungie for their methods of forcing people to buy DLC, but it was all my fault.


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