L.G.D.K Chapter 10 – All These Things that I’ve Done?

Author’s Note: Hello peeps, and welcome to the 10th chapter of Let’s Go Devil King! I just want to remind everyone that despite it being the 10th chapter, it still hasn’t been 72 hours since Yuki (Sea Green) escaped the Devil King’s castle with Coy’s help. A lot has happened within three days. Anywho, please enjoy this chapter?

Chapter 10 – All These Thing’s that I’ve Done?

Well… this is awkward. Not even ten minutes ago we were fighting the lamest giant robot of all time and now all of us are in an office talking over coffee? They say life is stranger than fiction. Now… it’s even stranger than science fiction.

“So… you want the release of those we have captured if I’m correct?” (Dr. Wells)

The old doctor whom we recently found out was Wells’ father asked as he took a sip of coffee.

“That is correct, sir.” (Coy)

The hero replied as he himself took a sip of coffee.

In a sense, I was worried about poisoning. However, Coy did take a sniff of the caffeinated beverage before drinking it himself. Apparently his sense of smell is so good that he can detect poisons that most people can’t by taste, including those who specialize in detecting poisoned food or drink. So anyone wanting to kill him via poison would have to do it on a day he has a cold.

“Alright then.” (Dr. Wells)

“Wait… what?”

I actually said it out loud!?

“To be honest, I disliked our former administrator’s policies. Capturing people for study, that was just wrong in a sense. If they were willing, then it would had been another story.” (Dr. Wells)

“What do you mean by in a sense?” (Coy)

“You see, we scientists end up doing all kinds of taboo just for the sake of discovery. We end up getting further and further into what we are doing that we forget if what we’re doing is wrong, let alone the consequences of our actions. Believe it or not, I’ve actually felt like what we were doing was wrong for a while now. Forcing people to become test subjects, it’s just disgraceful. But Eugene Ross is from a long line of administrators who believed that the war wasn’t over. They all believed that instead new enemies had appeared. And that they had to be dissected for further research.” (Dr. Wells)

“Wait, you don’t mean…”

“Sadly yes, most of the ‘adventurers’ as you call them are long dead. It’s been going on ever since the world changed. Well… not over the past two-thousand years exactly, but ever since a therianthrope with an ax defeated ten of our best equipped security officers a thousand years ago. I believe he was an ox?” (Dr. Wells)

“The Ox King!?” (Coy)

“I believe that what the records said he called himself.” (Dr. Wells)

“But was that your first contact with the outside world?”

I asked as I took a sip of coffee myself. It definitely needs cream and sugar.

“To be honest, that’s the first recorded encounter. The fact that a therianthrope was encountered here was the biggest surprise. According to the data logs from back then, that’s when Bunker 105 finally took an interest in the outside world after the first expedition nine-hundred years before then. It was when we realized that the radiation levels dropped from extremely high to zero.” (Dr. Wells)

“If you’re talking about nineteen-hundred years ago, I think I know what happened.” (Coy)

I was in shock. Coy doesn’t seem to be the type to study history, despite his admiration for the Ox King. Doctor Wells on the other hand seemed interested.

“Do tell, it’s something that could help clear a really old mystery.” (Dr. Wells)

“When I was forced to study in Tholman, I read an old tome of the church’s history. It was written by the first scribe, a man whose name is lost to history. He talked about how the world was in ruin, something I had no idea of how it happened until I met your daughter and she told me about the final great war. Anyway, one day a mysterious entity showed up and changed the landscape. The ruins of the old civilization just instantly disappeared and fresh land replaced it. It was called the day the world got a fresh start. The entity was later referred to as the Deity, the being that most people worship to this day.” (Coy)

“Wait… in one day?”

This was weird. Even though I wasn’t a Christian, I read their bible because of a friend who was. In the Christian bible, it took God six days to form the world and create the creatures within; with man being created on the sixth day. Something that a lot of people have been skeptical of. Yet the Deity removed the ruins of the Old World in one day?

“Well, that’s something people have debated. Well… some people said that it had to have at least been a week or more. To be honest, it’s not even written our holy book on how long it took to change the world.” (Coy)

“As a shrine maiden on this side of the Deity’s worship, even I have no clue on how long it took. It’s not written in our scriptures either.” (Kimiko)

“So you mean to tell me that no one knows how long it took?”

“Sorry.” (Coy and Kimiko)

“Ugh… forget I asked.”

“Well… according to the data longs, the radiation levels were still to dangerous one day and disappeared the next. But it did take a month to decide to send an expedition team to check. What was expected to still be a nuclear wasteland was now lush forests. Even the water samples taken had no signs of ever being radiated.” (Dr. Wells)

“But why not scout further back then?”

“The administrator at the time considered it a trap by communists and resealed the bunker.” (Dr. Wells)

“Are you kidding me!?”

This was seriously starting to bug me. Was the final great war all that was on the minds of any of this place’s administrators?

“Sadly, I am not. To be honest, I’ve lived through three administrators. Eugene being the third of course. All of them being so concerned with a war long before their time. But I found it weird.” (Dr. Wells)

By the first name basis, I can tell that they were close.

“I bet.” (Coy)

“Before Eugene was an administrator, he was a different person. Someone who cared about this bunker and the well-being of it’s inhabitants. We grew up together, you see. It was his caring nature that got him selected as the administrator in the first place.” (Dr. Wells)

“So what happened, Doc?” (Coy)

“I did some digging when I noticed the change. You see, there are some training tapes that all administrators have to learn from before they can start working. So I stole them when no one was looking.” (Dr. Wells)

“What did you find?”

“That those weren’t the original tapes from Bunk Co., they were swapped by the Libertonian government.” (Dr. Wells)

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

Finally, I’m more used to him saying those words.

“What was so special about the swapped tapes?”

“From what I gathered by analyzing them in my personal terminal, there was a frequency that had Libertonian propaganda from the war. It would enter the subconscious of those listening to them, making them paranoid of communist sabotage and such. Not to mention extremely loyal to a long dead government.” (Dr. Wells)

“So it was a form of hypnosis?”

That was the first thing to pop into my mind.

“Exactly.” (Dr. Wells)

“So… what happened to these tapes?” (Coy)

“I destroyed them.” (Dr. Wells)

“Were there any other tapes like that?”

“I searched and found no others. Well… I did have a sample of one of the old security force training tapes that was corrupted with the frequency, but that was a sample from a few hundred years ago. That had long been replaced by one without the frequency.” (Dr. Wells)

“There’s one thing I don’t get, Doc.” (Coy)

“I’m listening.” (Dr. Wells)

“If you knew about all this, what took you so long to act?” (Coy)

“Everything had to be done with timing. Not to mention I couldn’t do it alone. Both me and Chief of Security Johnson had to act in secret. He too knew something was off when Eugene started to show the traits of the previous administrators. Believe it or not, it was Johnson who made sure that the mini-gun at the entrance wasn’t properly functional.” (Dr. Wells)

“Which all of us are thankful for.” (Coy)

I could see Kimiko, Nyra, Cecil, and Wells all nodding.

“However, we needed one key factor before we could finally dethrone Eugene.” (Dr. Wells)

“Someone from the outside who could drive him into a corner, right?” (Coy)

“You are a very sharp young man.” (Dr. Wells)

“He has his moments.”

“Yuki…” (Coy)

“But yes, we needed someone who could get under Eugene’s skin and force his hand. However, I never expected him to unleash Freedom-tron. Let alone steal my code for the activation process.” (Dr. Wells)

“I’m surprised how easy it was to beat that thing.” (Coy)

“To be honest, Freedom-tron wasn’t running at one-hundred percent.” (Dr. Wells)

“Wait… do you mean that robot really was able to make armies tremble?”

“Back in the day, it was. However, it’s impossible to keep full maintenance on a giant robot for two-thousand years. Especially without a supply of fresh parts. But there’s one thing that surprised me.” (Dr. Wells)

“And that would be…”

“That anything could hold up to the pressure of that machine’s foot. Freedom-tron weighs over a thousand tons.” (Dr. Wells)

“That’s the thing about my blessing.” (Coy)

“Your blessing?” (Dr. Wells)

“I’m sure you probably heard of most of the current world’s folklore, right Doc?” (Coy)

“I have. I can only assume that you are what people call the Hero?” (Dr. Wells)

“That’s right. My blessing from the Deity grants me only the strength I need.” (Coy)

“Wait… the strength you need?”

This really had my attention.

“Yeah. Like when I faced that guy Lobo in an arm wrestling match back home in Anthill Bay. It’s true that I accidentally threw him across the room and caused him to crash through a table, but the part about him crashing through a table was from his weight. I mean, there’s more about my blessing than just the strength I need.” (Coy)

“Do tell.”

I was getting too interested, but I never really heard him talk about his blessing before.

“I’m more durable than the average person, but I’m not invincible or anything.” (Coy)

Wait… that’s it!? Just the strength he needs and a little more durable?

“Is that all?”

“All that I’ve noticed so far.” (Coy)

Well… I can’t say that my expectations were too shattered this time. At least his blessing makes him better than an average person.

“I still wonder if it’s a coincidence?” (Dr. Wells)

“What do you mean?” (Coy)

“This is a little off topic about your blessing. Not too long ago, someone from Bunker 530 appeared. He showed his Bunk-Man to prove it. Despite being in cryostatis for almost two-thousand years, he was able to adapt to life outside. He told me about a lot of what’s changed over the course of time, the current world. When Eugene tried to have him executed as a traitor due to Eugene’s altering, we couldn’t find the man. Like he had vanished? He was a very mysterious stranger.” (Dr. Wells)

This was mysterious.

“Wait… I only know of two men ever called a mysterious stranger. Did he wear a stetson or a top hat?” (Coy)

“A stetson.” (Dr. Wells)

“That bastard…” (Coy)

Wait a minute, someone from Coy’s past?

“Coy… why do you know this person?”

“Despite being called a mysterious stranger, this man goes by the moniker Lost Justice… though most people call him Lost for short. He’s usually a hired gunslinger, works for the highest bidder. It doesn’t matter who hires him as long as they can pay.” (Coy)

Lost Justice? And I thought I had chuunibyou, this guy’s self-given name is worse than “Magical Girl Sea Green”. I just have to ask.

“Why is he called Lost Justice?”

“No one knows, that’s just what he calls himself.” (Coy)

Knew it, this guy’s a chuuni.

“If you want, I can tell you his real name?” (Dr. Wells)

“Don’t bother, he would probably deny it. Well… I’m sure that he wouldn’t go by his professional moniker, but I’m sure he wouldn’t use his original name either. I’m actually surprised that he’s an Old Worlder.” (Coy)

“As he left cryostatis about twenty years ago, he’s had time to adjust. Still, I have yet to get to the main point.” (Dr. Wells)

“Which is?” (Coy)

“He said that we would be running into a therianthrope who could help us with our plan.” (Dr. Wells)

“How could he have known that?”

This really had my curiosity.

“That was something that I never got to ask him.” (Dr. Wells)

“Father, I don’t understand. When exactly did this man come here? I know we didn’t bring him.” (Wells)

“It was right after you left for your previous patrol. He showed up at the door and even showed his Bunk-Man. And he left before you got back.” (Dr. Wells)

Mysterious stranger really suited this Lost Justice guy well. Which also begs the question…

“Coy, who is the other mysterious stranger?”

“Some guy who wears a faded tailcoat suit with a top hat. He also has a handlebar mustache. I don’t know his real name or anything, just that like Lost Justice he can be there one moment and gone the next. And he… has this vibe about him.” (Coy)


“Like that he’s another existence in general. Like he’s not human, despite looking the part. Just looking at him sends shivers down my spine.” (Coy)

Wow, this mysterious stranger is even more mysterious than Lost Justice. Either way, I wouldn’t want to run into either mysterious stranger in a dark alley.

“Anyway… we have gone too far off of the original topic. We have the women from the last time, none of them are harmed. And we still have some other prisoners as well that had yet to be studied. However, I believe he have done enough studying.” (Dr. Wells)

“So we’re all set?” (Coy)

“We are. Diane, gather your squad and all of you put your Mech Armor back on. We need to leave an impression that will cause them not to come back.” (Dr. Wells.)

“Yes, sir.” (Wells)

And with that, Wells left.

“So… what’s going to happen now that Mr. Ross is out of the picture?” (Coy)

“Even though we grow our own food for self-sufficiency, this place doesn’t have much longer.” (Dr. Wells)

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

“Don’t forget, this bunker has been active for two-thousand years. Even though it’s kept us alive, our blood is too thick. Actually, Ross wanted to keep those women in captivity because of it.” (Dr. Wells)

“You mean some of you are inbred?” (Coy)

“Not all of us. To be honest, Diane’s mother came from a slave caravan that we captured. Sadly the administrator had her and the other captives executed as soon as the children were weaned from their mothers’ breasts.” (Dr. Wells)

“That’s just… cruel.” (Coy)

“There have been a lot of victims of cruelty due prejudice from our end. My predecessor in the science division was also a sadist, he loved to see test subjects go through pain. In my opinion, he will not be missed.” (Dr. Wells)

I’d say, it looks like there had been a lot of bad eggs from these Old Worlders. I’m starting to understand Coy’s rantings from when he was angered earlier.

“One thing I have to ask out of my own curiosity, your daughter’s mother. She was human, right?” (Coy)

“She was. To be honest, Diane looks like her. When looking at my daughter, I am reminded of what I was forced to do. And how the administrator at the time had her mother and the others executed.” (Dr. Wells)

By my own intuition, Doctor Wells had quite the conscience. I can literally see the regret in his face.

“It’s quite the story, but ya didn’t answer my question.” (Coy)

“Good point, young man. Other than the blood being too thick around here, this place has been operating nonstop for two-thousand years. We’re going to have to leave.” (Dr. Wells)

“To where?” (Coy)

“I haven’t the slightest. I was too busy with our plan to usurp Eugene that I haven’t figured it out. But… I do know what we will do.” (Dr. Wells)

“Do what exactly?”

“I know that there’s many bunkers that have been abandoned over the past two millenniums. We simply need to find one and build a village near it.” (Dr. Wells)

“But that’s a lot of work?” (Coy)

“It is, but we need to get out and associate with the outside world. The reason why we need to find another bunker is because this one is in danger due to the previous administrators’ policies. Even if we built a village here, we would still be in danger by those who want revenge. The other reason for another bunker is because we can’t adjust overnight. We will need a place to sleep until we make shelters. And we just can’t move into an already existing village because it’s too much to adjust to as well.” (Dr. Wells)

Wow, he’s thought it all out despite having no idea where he’s going.

“So how are you going to find another bunker? The world’s changed in two-thousand years.” (Coy)

“This is where you come in. I need a favor of you.” (Dr. Wells)

“And that is?” (Coy)

“Please take Diane with you?” (Dr. Wells)

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

“I didn’t have her join the security division without a reason. She’s more adjusted to leaving the bunker than most of us here. But even she isn’t ready to go too far by herself. I’m not asking you to go around and find another bunker for us. I’m asking you to allow her to tag along because I’m sure you may find one during your travels. So please, take her with you?” (Dr. Wells)

This was one thing I didn’t expect. At least Doctor Wells isn’t like the Village Elder in Damned and asking Coy to marry his daughter. It’s bad enough that Nyra is turning this into the harem route. And I’m sure that Wells herself isn’t going to make that worse. Well… that’s as long as Kimiko isn’t being herself on that matter.

“Sure.” (Coy)

“That fast!?” (Nyra and Cecil)

As both me and Kimiko have read a lot of manga and watched a lot of anime, we were expecting that.

“Thank you… Coy, is it? Do you have a last name or is that your last name?” (Dr. Wells)

“That’s the only name I have.” (Coy)

“I see. Anyway, I’ll tell Diane about it soon. For right now, we need to work on the release of the prisoners. Then it’s off to planing our next move.” (Dr. Wells)

And with that, the negotiations were finished. As we followed Doctor Wells, I got a better look at the bunker. Everything was metal, the doors and beyond. I could even see pipes, though I didn’t know what ran through each one. However, I could tell that this place was old and overused. I couldn’t imagine this place having lasted two-thousand years at all, but somehow it did. I can only hope that the Old Worlders could some day find a new home.

Author’s Note: And that’s chapter 10 folks. I know, more Fallout ripping off. However, parodying Cold War paranoia is just too fun to do. That’s the only thing I’m going to miss from this arc when it’s over. Which should be in the next two chapters.

Oh, BakaGrappler has posted a chapter of SCDK out for your amusement.

And while I was posting this chapter, Reigo-senpai posted his translation of Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu chapter 96, so read it too.

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