Almost done reprogramming and the new donation button…

Hey everybody, it’s update time!

Well… I ended up having to just reinstall everything due to an error caused by my own stupidity… again. No, I didn’t end up installing a code generator again, this has to do with my actual programming skills. After installing Ubuntu on the one hard drive, I decided to upgrade it to Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS instead of the regular Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. But instead of burning a DVD like I normally do (my tower’s DVD drive is the rare kind that only burns CDs and not DVDs), I went with a USB. Turns out, I set my computer to run the USB stick I had the installation program for Ubuntu MATE to UEFI, which I knew nothing about until afterwards. So after installation, the option for Windows was missing from the grub loader (the native Linux boot loader). I tried running a grub repair program, nothing happened. Or so I thought.

Turns out because I used a loader program on Windows 7 (a way to trick a PC into thinking that you’re running a legit copy of Windows), the Windows 10 I upgraded to loads in the BIOS format. Before anyone judges me about using a loader program, I know that some of you probably have done the same in the past or present. Anyways, I ended up having to reinstall Ubuntu 14.04. But what came to a shock was that the grub said that I had two different options for Windows. And when I wanted to upgrade, the newer Ubuntu said that I had multiple operating systems. Not to mention that the only options were to install that one or erase the others.

I looked up multiple ways on YouTube to get rid of the second Windows option. However, I was unable to edit the grub loader as it’s a “read-only” file and there was no way to change it. I contemplated on just using Windows on my tower. However, it just didn’t sit right with me. So I decided to just wipe both hard drives and start anew.

Don’t worry, this time I made sure everything was backed up. I had to first take back the laptop I loaned my mother. Then I created a Home Group through Windows and transferred all my files to the laptop before doing anything. I couldn’t get my sister’s external hard drive to work on my tower for some reason, but it works perfectly on my laptop. After everything was copied to my laptop, I reinstalled Windows 7 before upgrading to Windows 10 again. And yes, I got the ISO from Microsoft’s site so I could make a disc. I’m just thankful that the upgrade is still free until July.

Right now, I pretty much have the Windows side of things set up. After Steam is done putting my games on the system, it’s time for Ubuntu. Since I no longer have a third hard drive and the one I’m using for Ubuntu is smaller, I’m just going to turn off the “Fast Start” option on Windows 10 so I can access that hard drive from Ubuntu. As soon as I have my PC back to normal, it’s straight back to writing.

As you all noticed by checking out my site and the title of this post, I finally added a “Donation” button. All donations are going towards my writing for things like cover art and stuff to keep my PC running so I can continue to write. I only added it because I’m not employed at the moment, though I am looking. For any details, click on the “Donate?” page I just added.

Well guys, this is OhMarioWV signing off. I will try to have a chapter ready for the weekend. Or at least a preview like I did for chapter 9 when it was behind.

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